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The dryer for UVN 250 firewood (250 kw)
  • The dryer for UVN 250 firewood (250 kw)
  • The dryer for UVN 250 firewood (250 kw)
  • The dryer for UVN 250 firewood (250 kw)

The dryer for UVN 250 firewood (250 kw)

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13500 BYN
Country of manufacture:Belarus

abotay with the VAT permission of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Promatomnadzor is not required. Goes on boom account as the machine.
Installation air - heating UVN is intended for air heating by heat from combustion of low - calorie local fuel (waste of a woodworking, torfokroshka and torfobriket, etc. )
Installation can be applied to heating of circulating air in drying installations (25 - 70 cbm. ), systems of air heating of production rooms (to 6000 cbm. ), greenhouses, etc.
The furnace, futerovanny a fire - resistant brick, the metal heat exchanger and a chimney is a part of installation. The heated air moves the centrifugal fan. In the furnace wood waste of any structure without sorting burns down, and compulsory having blown allows to burn wet firewood and sawdust.
Installation is simple on the device, is simple in service and is unpretentious to service conditions and qualification of service personnel.
Application of installation allows to organize easily drying of timber in the adapted or again built room, to recover the unemployed because of high cost of energy resources drying cameras, to organize air heating of production rooms. Use of air as the heat carrier allows installation to work at all seasons of the year and in any place.
Installation easily adapts to service conditions from specially equipped room furnace before work under the open sky, from manual service before inclusion in ACS of management of drying process, at the automated drying camera.
Burning waste of a woodworking, you get rid of garbage in the territory, save on an ecological tax and at the same time effectively dry timber or heat the production. Low cost of drying of timber. One sensible stoker serves,

Country of manufacture:Belarus
Type of dryer:Convective drying
Type of circulation:Forced
Information is up-to-date: 25.11.2021

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